The National Conscience Party on Tuesday warned the All Progressives Congress to stop taking Nigerians for granted.

Specifically, the NCP accused the ruling party of refusing to come up with a position on the various crises rocking the National Assembly.

The National Vice-Chairman of the NCP, Alhaji Abdulwaheed Lawal, who stated this in Calabar, Cross River State, during an interview with journalists, said the APC was gradually having its hands full on cases of unresolved national issues.

He said the recent reconstitution of various Senate committees to pacify some aggrieved members was an attempt to sweep the forgery allegation besetting the leadership of the parliament under the carpet.

He said, “If what is emanating from the National Assembly and the silence of the APC are anything to go by, then the party is treading on a dangerous path and would soon exhaust the collective goodwill of Nigerians which it earned through the mandate it got freely in the 2015 poll.

“It is dangerous for the APC to abandon the forgery case. If the party does so, it stands to lose its popularity in the eyes of the world while its corruption fight will suffer a great setback. What is more corrupt than dumping a forgery case for the sake of party unity?

“It is sad that rather than hit the ground running on assumption of governance and allow policies to occupy public space, the APC has consistently suffocated Nigerians with its dirty internal political wrangling.”

APC taking Nigerians for granted – NCP