Prof. Edwin Ijeoma, a Nigerian don based in South Africa, on Friday called for synergy between the three arms of government in order to boost economic development. Ijeoma, a professor of Public Policy and Public Sector Economics, University of Forte Hare, Eastern Cape, South Africa, made the call in a chat with newsmen in Cape Town, South Africa. He said economic development thrives with articulated leadership and sound institutions of democracy. “ Economic development is contingent on having a well articulated leadership and government that can put a lot of effort into developing and creating a platform that will make democracy to thrive,” he said. According to Ijeoma, institutions of democracy and three arms of government in Nigeria should have strong ties to ensure economic development and strong democracy. “ When the three arms of government and institutions of democracy are not working together, a state of economic uncertainty is created. “The foreign investors will begin to de-invest in Nigeria and potential investors will not be able to muster the courage to enter the country because of economic uncertainty,” he said. The don said that for democracy to thrive, there was need to have a link between democratic institutions and the three arms of government. “ Separation of powers and respect for the constitution is very paramount. If they are not there, uncertainty will continue to persist in the system. “ Peace and security, institutions of democracy are pre-conditions for economic development in any country, including Nigeria,” Ijeoma said.