Nigerian Mission in South Africa introduces measures to check payment reversals

Nigeria`s Consul General in South Africa, Amb. Uche Ajulu-Okeke, said on Friday that some measures had been put in place to check payment reversals for passport and visa processing in that country. Ajulu-Okeke told newsmen in Johannesburg, South Africa, that the Federal Government had lost revenue due to payment reversals by some Nigerians who paid for passport processing. According to her, an audit report for May and June this year indicated that government lost more than $37,000 (N11.3 million) due to payment reversals. “ South Africa has a credit law that if you swipe your credit card on a Point of Sale (POS) machine, you can go back within 30 days to complain if there is a problem in order to reverse the payment. “ These agents, after collecting their visas and passports, go back to reverse the payment, thereby defrauding the Federal Government of huge revenue,” she said. The consul general said that the mission had introduced some measures among which was making it mandatory to keep the passport for 30 days to coincide with the number of days required for such reversals. “ The mission now insists that each applicant pays for the credit card, signs receipts after payments and such signature must match the one in the passport. “ That makes it impossible for the applicant to go back to the bank to complain because the consulate has a copy of the receipt,” she said. Ajulu-Okeke also said that the mission had requested the Federal Government to withdraw the passports of such Nigerians who defrauded the government.

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