In the bid to effectively fulfill our mission promise, our team of dynamic professionals have continuously been on the drawing board designing programs that will create the required platform for advertisers to advertise, without leaving out the audience. However, most of our programmes give a sense of belonging to our esteemed audience. Below are some of our highly interactive programmes:


An intense look at stories in the national dailies, with in depth analysis on the major headlines for the day given by experts in the field of relevance. Audience participation welcomed with live phone-calls and social media comments made public. 


Yoruba translation of Reporters' Diary, with a look at stories in the National dailies. Always with its own question of the day, (most times different from the English version question). More grass root, highly entertaining and informative.


The highlight of the Morning/Mid day drive. A dual presentation of highly entertaining topics open for discussion, entertainment news, celebration of United Nations days and gazetted Nigerian National days.

Witty conversations, sensational music and informative everyday life style issues.


A Music Entertainment Platform that brings you closer to the world of GOOD music, switching your taste with diverse CLIMAX. It's 360 music entertainment show with segments that switches the taste of the young, old and new generation highlighting various genres of music satisfying the listeners in a fun-filled atmosphere.


Two opposing voices, two opposing opinions, two combatants ready to take a dig and present each individuals point to override the opponents reasoning to a general audience.

Live programming highly controversial, entertaining and definitely informative. From national, to state issues, from the mundane to the very controversial not always talked about stories. Truly a battle ground but professionally moderated.


Take a trip around the world with the News starting from the national scene with breaking News in Nigeria, Africa, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. We bring it to you just as it is.

Taking you in 15 minutes around Nigeria from happenings in the 36 states to unbiased national stories. We look at the Business scene, Entertainment and Sports. All of Nigerian content for Nigerians bringing Nigerians up to speed.

A complete unbiased News magazine of state, National, and Business stories, rounding up stories for the day. Followed by comprehensive News packages on Foreign News, Entertainment (both local and foreign) and Sports.

A roundup of all major national news stories, state stories, foreign and sports. Bringing you update on latest happenings around the globe as you begin your day.

A brief look at three major stories making headlines and breaking News.

A brief outlook on major stories and breaking News around Nigeria.