Is popular pop singer, Dbanj married or not? Ever since social media went agog with the news that Dbanj had finally quit bachelorhood, this question has become the most asked among fans of the Kokomaster as he is fondly called.

Penultimate week, bloggers went to town with news that the pop singer got married to Lineo Kilgrow, who is reportedly an undergraduate of the University of Abuja.

To some, the news is a big deal while to others, it is an attempt by Dbanj to attract more attention to himself and ultimately, his music.

Even though fans are eager for Dbanj to divulge the true details, Sunday Scoop can authoritatively reveal that contrary to what is being reported in the entertainment circles, Dbanj did not have a court wedding.  What took place was a formal introduction ceremony as it is customary between a groom’s family and that of his bride-to-be.

It was learnt that Dbanj pleaded with his bride’s parents for the introduction to be hosted at his father’s house in Lagos because he did not want it to be an all-comers affair. Luckily, they were in support of his suggestion, a source told Sunday Scoop.

The introduction was witnessed by only close family members of the couple. The Kokomaster was unhappy the news leaked but was again comforted by the knowledge that bloggers got many of the facts wrong. According to his camp, he did not get married at Onigbongbo Registry, Ikeja, neither did the couple have a traditional introduction in Jos, Plateau State.

A source close to Dbanj told Sunday Scoop that Dbanj chose not to react to the news making the rounds.

“Dbanj has given so much information about himself to the public and he deserves to keep some things private and this is one of those things. He is not worried about losing female fans, he just wants his marriage and the impending white wedding off public radar,” the source said.